Stressed Out

The teenage years are so stressful and school doesn’t help. As a teen we get told how we should look, act, and who we should be by society which is stressful enough. Then you add the stress school puts on you with grades, and extra curricular’s.

We’re expected to manage 7 classes of homework and tests. Be in all the different clubs the school offers plus sports practice and games. That sounds like a lot but try adding a job and any clubs outside of the school. This is all stressful and it shows. We have kids not eating cause they feel they don’t have time. kids having anxiety attacks and hallucinating. Even kids committing suicide all because they are so stressed out. Why do we put so much stress on these kids? Is it because you think its going to help them later in life. Or because we want the school to look good, on standardized tests and sports?

It’s not going to help them later in life and it’s not going to make the school look good either. If anything it’s going to ruin their life because they won’t ever believe anything they do is good enough. They might even kill themselves and that’s not going to look good on the school either.

Why don’t we do something so kids aren’t so stressed? Is it because we don’t know what to do? Here are some ideas.

1. Parents stop expecting your kids to be perfect. They aren’t and they deal with enough without thinking you don’t love them because they can’t be the best.

2. Stop pressuring them to do everything. If they aren’t athletic don’t try making them be. You can make them try it once but after that let it be their choice.

3. Schools stop trying to cram things in kids heads. Not everyone can learn the same way. Try making it fun and not only lecture.Teach them instead of trying to make them memorize stuff. Relate it to their society. If you’re teaching history relate it to now or have them reenact it instead of memorizing names.

4. Teachers make yourselves approachable. Be willing to help the kids and express that you are. If you see a kid struggling offer help because sometimes kids are to ashamed or scared to ask for help.

5. Government get rid of these standardized tests. Do they even prove anything? Some people aren’t good at tests. Test them in a different way,test them on what they can do not on what they remember.

6. Teach the kids things they are going to need in life and the real world. Teach them how to manage a checking account. How to make simple healthy meals, or how to change a tire or the oil in a vehicle. Teach them how to land a job or apply for scholarships. This is the stuff they need to know not who the first European monarch was.

7. Find out what they’re interested in career wise and provide them classes to help them reach that. If they want to be a doctor or vet give them more science classes than history.

We need to help these kids learn the most they can about whats going on in the world around them. So they can keep it going when they are adults but we need to teach them in a way they understand. We can’t expect them to memorize things they don’t care about. Get them excited to learn about what you’re teaching them. As little kids everyone has that curiosity to learn what something is. We need to bring that back to school. You don’t expect kindergartners to memorize things by lecturing. So don’t expect teenagers to either. Give them projects and hands on activities.


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