Addicted to Running

As a runner I put a lot of stress on my body which makes me more susceptible to injury. I knew this when I started running but once I started I couldn’t stop. Running was my stress reliever it was my life. I had been running for 3 years and never had any injuries . I guess I should have expected it was going to happen sometime but I wasn’t ready for it.

It was just before my sophomore year when it started. I had ran a race and the next day my knee started hurting. I thought maybe it was just out of place so I went to the chiropractor but it just made it worse. I went to multiple doctors (well nurse practitioners) and they ran x-rays and MRI’s but no one knew what was wrong. I got told to rest it for awhile and it should be better then.

I rested for about 3 months and then started up running slowly but as soon as I did it started hurting again. As a runner this was devastating. All of the what ifs started going through my head. I started wondering if this was God telling me that my running career was over. I had worked so hard to get where I was and it was possibly going to be over. I stopped sleeping and got really depressed because I would get up every morning and see 30 seconds written on my mirror. That had been my goal to be 30 seconds faster. It was hard for me to even leave my room and probably the only thing that got me up every morning was knowing that I would get to help teach the 3rd graders and work under one of the best teachers ever.

Some  people don’t understand why I run and I don’t know if I fully do either its like an addiction, I feel like I can’t  live without it. I just know that if I don’t things start getting bad, I’ve started having anxiety attacks and hallucinations because of stress. I didn’t have those when I was running because it was a way for me to relieve my stress. I don’t know if I will ever be back to where I was or ever even run again but I know that if I can’t run then I will feel like I have let my coach down and I will need some other way to relieve my stress.


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