Bob Ewell’s Side

In English class we finished To Kill A Mockingbird. We were assigned characters that we had to imagine being in their shoes. We then created shoes to represent the character and the multiple side of them.

Bob’s knife and welfare checks
The back side of his boots


In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee Atticus tells Scout “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view— until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”. In the story Bob Ewell is considered an overall nasty and cruel person, but I took a look at things from his point of view, I walked around in his shoes. I now understand why he would have acted the way he did.

Bob Ewell is a single father of 8 kids. He is unemployed, drunk and considered lazy. Bob is rough on the outside but on the inside he is really just a stressed and depressed single father. What people don’t see is he tries to be a good father but is stressed. I know he is trying because it talks about him chopping wood (probably to keep his family warm) and poaching wild game (to feed everyone). Bob just isn’t a working man. He is part of a family that has been the disgrace of Maycomb for 3 generations. He is considered white trash by the town and is very racist and sexist. His daughter Mayella accuses a black man (Tom Robinson) of rape after she seduced him. There is a trial and the Ewells win but Bob is still out for revenge because he was embarrassed. Which ultimately leads to his death, when he goes after the Finch kids with a knife and a mystery man (Arthur Radley) turns it around on him.

For my (Bob’s) shoes I started with an old work boot, because he wouldn’t have had new nice shoes. On the shoes I wrote a quote and a symbol that represents fatherhood. I also put a picture of old food stamps to represent he was on welfare. In the shoes I put an alcohol bottle to show he was a drunk and a knife to represent a couple of things. First was that he tried attacking the kids for revenge, and second that he was killed with his own knife.

By climbing into his skin I have started to understand why he was drunk a lot, beat Mayella, and wanted revenge.This assignment has taught me that everyone is more than skin deep, even characters. You just have to look.


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