Why are people so rude?

Why are we supposed to respect adults if they don’t respect us?

Why is it so wrong to speak up about abuse?

Why do we care so much about what others think?

Why do we listen to others instead of doing what we feel is best?


I am tired of following societies rules. From now on if teachers lie, are rude, or don’t treat kids right I’m not going to give them respect. I will speak up about the abuse and will stand up for anyone and everyone. I will follow my heart and stop caring so much about what others think.

I am going to write my story not let anyone else! My family can’t control me and I’m not letting them make my decisions for me. I am me! I have struggled enough with life because I let others make my decisions an I’m done. This is my story and it is not ending this way!!!

If people don’t like my decisions and don’t support me then I don’t need them. I can and will not only survive but thrive on my own!!!!!!! No one will control me.

I am not letting the world beat me. I will change the world one day for the better!

People want to ban guns because of the school shooting but it won’t change anything. The only that will stop this violence is if people change. We need to be kinder, stronger, and more courageous to do what is right


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