State Assessments

Government I’m calling you out! You make us take these assessments every year from before we even know what the word assessment means, but why? I refuse to take anymore until someone comes down and explains the point. To be honest I think you like to just stress us out and watch the teachers panic, because no one can tell me why we take them and half the teachers say there is no point. (Read this: )

I wish more people would stand up against this. They are so afraid of getting in trouble when there is nothing anyone can do if we refuse to take it. The school can’t hold are diploma or fail us and the government can’t fire the teachers. So why is no one willing to stand up and fight against it. I am tired of being a puppet for the school and government! I dare someone to try forcing me to continue to do this crap.

I dare to be different! I am standing up and challenging the government, and the school. I challenge everyone to stop being a scared pupped and do the same. They can’t punish everyone and we are so powerful when we stand together! Until then I will be a lone wolf and stand by myself because I am not scared of the school or the government.

I am defiant, bull headed and determined so try me!!!


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